USA Powerball

There’s No Wrong Way to Play

Why do people play the lottery? Well, whatever the naysayers say, someone has to win, and that someone could be you. So, once you’ve decided to take a chance on a game that could change your life, what next? You’ve got to start somewhere, and the USA Powerball is a great place to do exactly that.

Easy-Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

If you’ve never played Powerball Lottery before, well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you through it, step-by-step. Trust us – it’s super easy.

Powerball is a two-drum lottery draw, which means there are two sets of numbers to select from. The first set of numbers range from 1 to 69, and you need to choose 5 numbers from this group. The first ‘drum’ are your white balls. The second set range between 1 and 26, and you only need to choose one from this set. This last ball is the notorious red Powerball, and it’s the one that makes the difference between buying a new car or buying a new private jet.

There’s No Wrong Way to Play!

Some people like all the control, and are extremely specific when it comes to choosing their lotto numbers. If this works for you, it’s all good. If you don’t care which numbers end up on your ticket, and would rather save time, you can use the ‘quick pick’ option. While some swear by their lucky numbers, others know that statistically, ‘quick pick’ numbers have yielded better results. Either way, the choice is yours.

USA All the Way!

Unlike some other lotteries, the USA Powerball prizes (excluding the jackpot) are fixed amounts. What this means is that it doesn’t matter how many players win in their tier – the prize will always be the same. Considering more people are entering the USA Powerball than ever, this is good news and means your prize won’t be divided until there’s nothing left (goodbye, private jet plane!).

So now that you know how to play the game, what’s next? Well, purchasing your Powerball ticket online is the easiest way to get started (who’s got time for shops!?).

Remember, winning the big prize means you need to match all 5 white balls and match the elusive red Powerball. Don’t let the order the numbers are drawn in throw you off – if you have the right combination, the order doesn’t matter.