“I am who I am, nothing changes me,” says a new millionaire. Him along with his wife won £14 million UK Lotto jackpot on 2nd July this year. The UK Lotto winning ticket was purchased by John’s wife, named Allison, from the local convenience store ‘Nisa’. Most people after winning the lottery spend their days in a chateau in France and flying on their private jets around the world but this is not the lifestyle that a 52-year old plumber-turned-millionaire aspires.

A few days ago, this humble man was spotted at P&J Training Center at 8:30 am. No! He wasn’t there by chance rather this multi-millionaire was there for a re-assessment that is required to renew CCN1 certification. He informed the media that he isn’t going to quit his job and he wants to be a productive member of the society.

John owns a plumbing company by the name JDPS Plumbing and provides plumbing services in commercial and residential buildings. He informed the media that he just took two days off after winning the UK lotto. John returned to manage his business and provide services to the clients that he has served for 32 years.

On a question from press reporters, “Why are you still working even after scooping a large jackpot?” John modestly replied, “I love plumbing and I’ve worked so hard to establish my business so why would I walk away from it now? I love what I do.”

Other fellow plumbers at the P&J Training Center were also stunned to find out that John was there to renew his certification and want to continue working as a plumber even after winning the lottery jackpot. The trainer, Eleanor Pratt, at the training institute, was glad to have him back. He revealed to the reporters that John came to them and attended a six-month course on plumbing when he didn’t have any income stream. This shows the commitment of John towards his work as a plumber.

John said that he has built his business from scratch and there was no way he shuts it down. He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life wearing pajamas all day long. Fellow training Institute members told the press if they had won, they’d probably be sunbathing, rather than attending courses.