TattsLotto is played in Australia on every Saturday and the process of playing this lottery is very straight forward. This lotto is a product of Tatts Group. All you have to do is pick a combination of six numbers from the given 45 numbers and then wait for the winning numbers to be announced. The winning numbers are telecasted on various television channels across Australia and Tasmania. The winning numbers were drawn on Saturday, 19th November 2016. This revealed that a man from Edenhope, a small town in Victoria, had won the Division One prize.

The TattsLotto officials tried to contact the person but his phone went unanswered. The jackpot winner decided to remain anonymous. He told the press reporters that his wife didn’t answer the phone calls. She thought it would be another annoying telemarketer trying to sell things over the phone. Later when the man went to the news agency he finally realized that he’s the lucky person who had won $514,000 in the TattsLotto jackpot.

He told the reporters that he had been selecting the same combination of six numbers every time for the last eight years but he never thought that he’d win division one prize with that combination. He also told the reporters that he wishes to help his children with the money that he had won. The old man also plans to pay off all his debts and lead a debt-free peaceful life. He also said that he will use the money for going caravanning with his wife.

The winner purchased the lottery from Edenhope News Agency, located on Elizabeth Street. The owner of the news agency, Leonie Lang, said it was the first time ever that they had sold the division one winnings. The winnings numbers drawn on 19th November were 1, 40, 12, 24, 14 and 16.

Note: The amounts mentioned in the above article are all in terms of Australian Dollars (AUD).