Why You Should


More and more of our lives are being lived online – we bank online, shop online, and socialize online. Now, more than ever, we buy our lottery tickets online. So aside from the obvious convenience that online purchasing brings us, what are some of the other reasons people are opting to play the lottery online instead?

Paper Problems

Remember paper? It’s still necessary for some things (apparently), but it really makes less and less sense to buy a physical lottery ticket when you could just buy it online instead. The number one reason people prefer buying their lotto ticket online is that takes much less time. It also saves a trip to the shop to buy the ticket, as well as back to the shop when you win your prize. Save time, save money, and save a whole lot of frustration while that lady in front of you hogs the only pen in the shop and corrects her ticket 12 times before realizing she forgot her purse in the car.

Lost Ticket, Lost Chance

For those of you who lose your phone and/or car keys on a regular basis, we’re guessing that holding onto a lottery ticket might also prove challenging. We’re not judging – who’s got time for keeping bits of paper in their wallet? Most people hardly even keep money in their wallets these days; keeping a ticket is a next-level inconvenience. Plus, if you’ve just won a ton of money, you want to have some sort of guarantee that your ticket to a better life doesn’t get lost, misplaced or damaged in some way.

Show me the Money!

If you do lose your paper ticket, you don’t really have any choice but to go into a deep denial and potentially create an alternate personality to deal with the despair. If you purchase your lottery ticket online, not only are your numbers recorded digitally, but you get your winnings automatically. Whether or not you win the jackpot, it’s good to know that you’ll get all your winnings transferred to your seamlessly and safely. A lot of people miss out because driving all the way to the shop to claim a few dollars just doesn’t seem worth it, but the truth is, it all adds up – billions of dollars of winnings go unclaimed every year!

Ready to play? Playing the lotto online means you get to choose from a range of exciting international lotteries, from SA Powerball to Mega Millions, the choice is all just a few clicks away.