What You Need To Know Before Playing Lucky for Life

Lucky for Life ® is a type of lottery in which the winner does not get the prize money in one lump sum rather it is annuitized and the winner gets a fixed amount of money for the rest of his life. This means that if you win the jackpot, you never again have to worry about your financials. Lucky for Life ® is played in 22 different states in the US. Here we have highlighted some things that every Lucky for Life ® player must know.

You won’t get the money on a daily basis

If you win the division one prize of Lucky for Life ® then you may think that now you’ll be entitled to receive $1000 daily for the rest of your life, however, in reality, you will receive it on weekly basis. This means that on every Monday $7000 will be credited to your account. On the other hand, if you win division two prize money, you will receive $25,000 at the end of every year forever.

The cost of playing the game

The pay-slip or bet-slip of Lucky for Life ® is available in corner shops, grocery stores, and gas stations. It will set you back a measly $2 per pay-slip. Just ask the person behind the counter for Lucky for Life ® pay-slip and then pray that your numbers match exactly with the winning numbers that are drawn.

Another State won’t cash your prize

In order to claim a prize, you have to be in the state in which the ticket was purchased. If you’ve won any division prize on a pay-slip that you’ve bought from a different state, then pack the car! The law of Lucky for Life states that a winning lottery ticket can only be redeemed in the jurisdiction from which it was bought.

The Lottery Draw Days

Anybody who wishes to play Lucky for Life and try their luck out should purchase a pay-slip. Choose any five numbers from 1-48 and select one lucky number from 1-18. These numbers can also be selected automatically by the computer at the time of purchasing the ticket. The drawing takes place on every Monday and Thursday. Click here to watch the video of the drawing.