The life of American born, Mavis L. Wanczyk, changed in a matter of seconds when she went to check her Powerball lottery ticket. She had won!

As is typical of America to go “bigger is better”, the lottery winnings was a cool 759 million dollars. That is an amazing amount of money even to the richest 1%. Mavis, (a modest nurse at Mercy Medical Center in Chicopee, Massachusetts) obviously dismayed after finding out, was frozen stiff! Her former partner had left a few months earlier because he did not want to marry her, an unfortunate decision from his side! She was single with two grown-up children with an uninspiring job, a pretty sad life overall.

The first thing Mavis did the very next day was to go to her hospital manager and say the fateful words: “From today, you won’t see me anymore”. Each one of us, at least once in our life, has dreamed of doing this very thing. She had the opportunity and she deservedly took it: “I need a vacation, and for vacation I mean: go away and find a new job on a beach, with lots of rum,” wrote Sibillina on Facebook. A few hours later, she went on TV to announce that she was the most envied lottery player in the United States.

Another unprecedented choice: by exposing her face, she is exposing herself to the aims of thieves, criminals, and cheaters, but has also decided to take all the money, immediately, in a lump sum. This means the winnings won’t be spread over 20 years to avoid the effect “overdose”. This is when people become too rich too fast and lose all their money in a couple of years. Her lawyer advised against it, but her mind was made up and nothing could stop her. She was rich and famous and wanted it all!