2016 is about to end. Here are some tips on how to increase your chance to win Mega Millions!

People celebrated Halloween and now they are busy preparing for Christmas celebrations. The New Year night will begin a new journey, especially for lottery players, who will gear up, and welcome the New Year’s sunrise. Mega Millions has made many people rich in 2016.

  • January 08, Nancy Viola from Staten Island won $169 million.
  • March 08, Michael Burkett from Seattle won $157 million.
  • July 08, Warren D from Indiana won $536 million.

Does the date ‘08’ look like a standard number to you? It is a prominent date in the first half of the year but July was quite different.

  • On July 22, two people won multimillions, including Christina Ford from Dallas and Kevin Young from Bristow. The jackpot was worth $15 million. Both winners received $7.5 million each.
  • September 16 was a lucky day for Elaine Francis Trust of Tuscola, winning $134 million.
  • A $49 million worth of ticket won in Texas on October 11 was sold to a miscellaneous person in Balch Spring.

Considering the list, we can expect that 2017 would be a lucky year to win Mega Millions, so here are a few tips to increase your odds.

Think Twice Before Quick Pick

If you choose Quick Pick to play the lotteries then think twice. In Quick Pick Mega Millions, the lottery winning numbers rarely repeat, which means that you will get a different set of lottery numbers in every Mega Millions result. The more you buy Quick Pick tickets, the lesser are your odds of winning.

Play with All Numbers

Many people play the lotteries by picking the numbers that are important for them, including date of birth and anniversary. When you choose the dates, you pick the numbers from 0 to 31. On the other hand, the winning numbers may include numbers from 32 to 99. This means that your chances of winning the lottery reduce by 66% when you choose the dates. Stick with your instincts and play using all numbers on the board.

Stick with a Weekly Budget

50% of the Mega Millions or any other lottery depends on probability mathematics. The rest of 50% depends on your luck. The lottery experts suggest that you should not overburden your budget for playing lotteries. Set up a weekly budget to spend on Mega Millions and be consistent with it. Buy Mega Millions online from anywhere in the world and keep trying your luck until you hit the jackpot.

Avoid Consecutive Numbers

If you are playing Mega Millions with five winning numbers, then choose 104–176. These numbers have been obtained by using probability mathematics. Once you find the highest probability range, avoid picking consecutive numbers. Choose a variety to increase your odds.

Finally, create a plan for 2017 and add lottery in the weekly to-do list. You will be surprised to see the results, just like Wanda Hill, the lady who won $2 million worth of lottery while visiting her grandkids, was surprised.