There are some days and some events in our life that we can never forget. On 20th October, a ticketholder from North Carolina, named Manalle Earnhardt, won the division one jackpot of the Lucky for Life lottery. She was turned into a millionaire overnight. She said that she could never forget the day she realized that she has won the jackpot.

The winner informed the media that the lottery ticket on which she had won, was a gift from her father. She said that she never even thought that she would win the lottery, let alone the jackpot. On the day of the draw, Manalle was asleep when her father telephoned her to break the news to her. Earnhardt told the media that she thought that something had gone wrong. When she finally understood that she was the jackpot winner of the lottery she was shocked and felt relieved that now she won’t have any money problems again in her life.

Earnhardt says that she is no longer worried about college for her kids. She can easily afford to send her kids to the best colleges in the world. She also said that with the prize money that she would do is to add a pool to the house. The lottery officials informed press reporters that Earnhardt did not choose to withdraw all the money in one lump sum. This means that she’ll receive $365,000 a year ($252,763 after tax) for the next 20 years.

The winning ticket of ‘Lucky for Life’ was purchased by Earnhardt’s father, Jamil Isbanioly, from Fast Stop located on Andrews Street in Salisbury, North Carolina. If this story of this accidental millionaire has ignited the dream of winning the lottery jackpot in you then wait no more, buy lottery tickets online or from a nearby news agency and pray that you get all six numbers matched in a draw that is held on every Monday and Thursday. The winning numbers are broadcasted live at 10:38 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on various TV channel across the US.