Wednesday Lotto is a popular lottery that is played all across Australia. It is run and administered by New South Wales (NSW) Lotteries. The first ever draw of Wednesday Lotto was held in November 1979. Minimum division one prize money of this lottery is $1,000,000. Even if there are multiple winners of the lottery, each division one winner will receive $1 million prize money.

The Wednesday Lottery draw that was held on the day Mr. Trump became President of the US, i.e. on 9th November. It might not be a pleasant day for a lot of people around the world but for a man who lives in Sydney and won the jackpot that day, it surely was the happiest day of his life. The winning numbers of Wednesday lotto were 34, 24, 38, 9, 43, and 23. Also, the supplementary numbers were 37 and 13.

The lottery officials tried their best to contact the division one winner over the phone but nobody answered for three long weeks. Finally, the winner himself contacted the lottery authorities that he has matched all the winning lottery numbers. He said that he was on a three-week Island Safari holiday and has switched off his phone to take a break and temporarily disconnect from all the hustle-bustle of the city life.

The division one winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that he thought that he was dreaming when he checked the numbers as soon as he returned home from holidays. He said that he will continue to work though he said that he will definitely think about retiring early.

The winning ticket of the lottery was purchased by the winner from World News Centre located inside the Met Centre on George Street in Sydney. The owner of the World News Centre, Mr. Chris Landas, said that he has sold many winning tickets at his shop. He also said that it’s good to know that people became millionaires just by purchasing lotto tickets from his shop.

Purchase a Wednesday Lotto ticket online or from a news agency. The draw is held on every Wednesday, you could be next.