Florida Lotto is a lottery that is only played in Florida. The minimum jackpot of this lotto draw is $7 million. Most of the money gained from the sale of lottery tickets is used to support education in the state of Florida. Every year Florida Lotto contributes around $1 billion to the state education. Apart from this, the money also goes to the jackpot winners. Recently, a 57-year-old woman named Diane Darty won $18 million Florida Lotto jackpot.

She did not discuss her plans about what she wishes to do with her prize money. She did, however, mention that she was completely shocked when she found out that she had won the $18 million jackpot in the Florida Lotto. The lottery officials have informed the press reporters that Diane chose to withdraw all the money as one bullet payment. After discounting the annual payments, the Diane has finally received a little above $13 million (before tax). She said during a recent interview that she will not blindly blow all her money; rather she will hire a financial advisor who can plan her wealth for her so that her money grows and compounds over time.

Diane informed the press reporters that she purchased her winning ticket from 7-Eleven located on South US Highway in Lakeland. The owners of the store will also receive a cash prize of $90,000 for selling the winning lottery ticket at their store. The lottery results were 2, 4, 9, 14, 18, and 39. The jackpot was won by Diane on 2nd November but she finally came forward to claim the prize money on Wednesday 9th November. Prior to Diane, the previous Florida Lotto jackpot was won by a 90-year-old woman.

Purchase a Florida lotto ticket online or from a store today and you could win big! The draw of Florida Lotto is broadcasted live in Florida at 11:15 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.