What would you do if you became a millionaire overnight? You’d probably party for a couple of days and then follow your heart. Well, that’s not how life turned out for some jackpot winners. In fact, some of them could barely use the money they had won. Here we have listed some jackpot winners that must have wished that they should never have won the lottery jackpot.

1.    Urooj Khan

An immigrant from India and an owner of three dry cleaning shops won a million dollar division one jackpot back in 2012. He soon decided that he would avail the cash value option and would receive his prize money in one bullet payment. He even told the press reporters that he would pay off his mortgage and donate the rest of the amount to the St. Jude Children’s Research Center. What happened next might send a shiver down your spine. Mr. Khan died one day after receiving the prize money. According to the police reports, Mr. Khan was poisoned with cyanide. No arrest to this date has been made, nor is anyone charged with the murder.

2.    Abraham Shakespeare

Abraham won a whopping $30 million in 2006. He must’ve thought that he would live the rest of his life peacefully, but things didn’t go as he planned. He soon started to get threats from the people around him. His girlfriend Dorice Moore tricked Abraham into believing that she would protect him from all those greedy nasty people. Blinded by her false love, he transferred the entire prize money to Moore. Later it was found that Moore killed her boyfriend. She is now serving a life sentence in prison. What a tragic end of the $30 million lottery winner.

3.    Jeffrey Dampier

Dampier won $20 million lottery in 1996. Soon after he won the jackpot, he had a divorce and the prize money was split in half. Then Mr. Dampier moved to Florida where he invested some of his money in a popcorn business. He also took care of the finances of his sister and other members of his family including his sister-in-law. But little did he know that his sister-in-law, Victoria Jackson, would lure him into his apartment and then kill him by firing a bullet in his head. Jeffery Dampier was murdered in 2005, nine years after he won the jackpot.